Upcoming Events


Please note that due to COVID 19 restrictions we are not able to host events in person at this time. We are hoping come Spring 2021 

we will be able to start booking events with the general public and at facilities that we have visited prior to COVID 19.

Take are and stay safe.



🐾💘February Fundraiser💘🐾

Pick your puppy and the time it takes for them to cross the finish line!

How it works:

Pick your colour - In the Boy corner we have Blue, Red, Green and Orange. And in the Girl corner we have Pink and Teal

Pick your time - They will be released at the same time, and will have to cover 10FEET to cross the finish line.

Puppies will be 5 weeks of age at the time of the race.

Pick your time to 0.00 (ex. 13.55 seconds).

Winner will have the correct colour and closest time.

Minimum $5.00 donation to Boss Co.

PRIZE: Boss Co. swag bag! A Flexfit hat, pullover hoodie and sticker - value: $75

Use the PayPal button below to donate or email [email protected] for information on other methods of payment. Once payment is

received you will be emailed asking for your colour choice and time.

*If there is more than one person who guesses the correct colour and time, there will be a tiebreaker wheel which will randomly select the winner from there.


Last day to purchase tickets is Sunday February 28, 5pm MST

We will host the puppy drag race and post the winning puppy colour and time Sunday February 28, 6pm MST

$5.00 Donation

$20.00 Donation